Atlantic Road Trip



Registration Day - 31.07.21

We will be welcoming all teams to the stunning City of Helsinki where we will host our starting grid and opening ART celebration!

Helsinki - Mariehamn

Day 1 - 01.08.21

It's time to depart from beautiful Helsinki. This is a drive you will remember. We will jump from island to island in the Finnish archipelago and end up in blistering Mariehamn where we will spend the night. This is a truly scenic day of driving, before sailing the exclusive Nordic islands. The road less travelled!

Mariehamn - Rondane

Day 2 - 02.08.21

We start with a ferry embarking from Mariehamn to Sweden and roll on through the deep Swedish forests before ending up in the epic valleys of Norway. We shall arrive in Rondane, a spectacular mountain range housing ten peaks over 2000 metres tall.

Rondane - Loen

Day 3 - 03.08.21

We are now heading up to the mountains where we will pass Norway's tallest Mountain Galdhøpiggen (2468,8m)

Loen - Ullensvang

Day 4 - 04.08.21

From the famous mountains in the south of Norway we head across to the amazing fjords of west Norway! It will be wild, and this is THE day, the day we go from highlight to highlight that will take your breath away! - No words needed – this is a “must experience".

Ullensvang - Stavanger

Day 5 - 05.08.21

Stavanger is Europe's oil and energy capital situated in a perfect location between mountains and fjords. We will make a grid here so we can interact with the locals. Our final destination for the day will be the stunning Clarion Collection - Hotel Skagen Brygge.

Stavanger - Kristiansand

Day 6 - 06.08.21

We are going to drive on of Norway's greatest fjords and serpentines, Lysefjorden. Then over the "Game of Thrones" mountain and down to the pearl of the Norwegian coast, Kristiansand. Here we will end the Atlantic Roadtrip with a big 5th anniversary celebration.

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Atlantic Road Trip is more than a feeling, it’s an institution, a unique experience – or as we like to say with great bravura: Discover the secret of art and find euphoria!

“Let’s never stop searching for new roads to drive, new opinions to disagree with and finding new friends we can laugh with”

And most of all, remember these machines we love brought us all together.

Our amazing team have put together the most beautiful journey. From the big cities through the breath-taking Norwegian nature, with our stunning fjords, over the mystical wild mountains. Here we unlock for you, what we claim are “the absolute best driving roads in the world!” ART is life changing in many ways, and when you’re part of the unique ART rally you’re really in a heart-warming family. The brother and sisterhood are strong, and we truly have a special mix of superb people in this family.

There are things that are really hard to explain with words or in writing, and you just have to experience them with us to understand. This is one of those things! The atmosphere and energy on this week are truly unique and this is what we call the secret of ART!

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